How to do Gardening Cheaply

If you have a garden then you might find that it costs you quite a bit of money. There are plants to buy, furniture and landscaping as well as equipment and other costs. It can feel like you are spending lots on it. If you get a lot of pleasure form your garden then you might be happy with spending that much money, but it is important to make sure that you do not spend more money than you can afford. There are things that you can do to keep gardening costs down though and it is worth considering these to see whether you can reduce the costs of your garden.

Swap plants

It can be quite expensive to buy plants for the garden. Some people buy lots of bedding plants every year and the cost of this can add up. However, if they grow plants form seed, then swap them with other gardeners, they can have a good variety of plants at a much lower cost. Another option would be to buy plants which last all of the year round. These might be more expensive but they could be worth spending more money on as they will not need to be replaced. Obviously, it will be sensible to also make sure that the plants that you buy will be happy in the soil that you have in your garden.

Grow vegetables and flowers you can pick

It can be a good idea to grow things that you can benefit form. For example, if you grow vegetables in your garden, then you will be able to eat them and it will mean that you will not have to spend so much money on buying vegetables yourself, You will have to be sure though, that the cost of the seeds, compost, water, pest control and fertiliser are less than you would pay for the vegetables if you bought them in the shop.

With flowers, you may normally buy cut flowers for your home. If you do this, then you could grow flowers that you could pick and bring inside instead so that you do not have to buy them. Again you would have to make sure that the costs are worth it, compared with the price of buying flowers.

Look after furniture and fences

If you have fences in the garden, garden furniture and decking then these can be damaged by the weather. Therefore, it can be a good idea to look after them and protect them. This investment could be well worth it so that they last longer. Using so fence paint or protector could stop it rotting so quickly. Using this on the decking could also have the same effect. If you have garden furniture you could also protect it in this way or you could put it indoors or cover it up over the winter so that it is protected from the weather.

Do the work yourself

Some people employ a gardener to help them. This adds significantly to the cost of having a well-kept garden. If you can do the work for yourself then it will be cheaper. If there is too much to do, then consider making it easier to manage. Replacing lawn with slabs, using mulch or gravel on beds to reduce weeds and having larger plants which cover the ground but do not need pruning, can all help to reduce the amount of work that needs to be done.

It is good to therefore plan your gardening projects really well. You can still have a really lovely garden but you need to think about making sure that you keep all of the costs down. Just making a few changes and decisions should help you to make it a much cheaper hobby that you will still be able to really enjoy.